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Water and Energy in Texas


  • Advanced membrane treatment processes
  • Reverse osmosis, membrane distillation
  • Membrane fabrication and characterization
  • Water policy
  • Water use in oil and gas production
  • Membrane biofouling and prevention

My research is driven by a passion for water. I focus on water treatment and issues related to its use. As a member of both Dr. Qilin Li’s lab in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and the Baker Institute for Public Policy Center for Energy Studies, I am able to take a holistic approach to water, focusing specifically on the semi-arid regions of Texas.

In Texas, we have two big water problems – water quality and water quantity. Water quality issues may be alleviated by novel treatment technologies, including reverse osmosis and membrane distillation. In my research, I aim to make these processes more efficient, using novel nanomaterial coatings that prevent biofilm formation and increase membrane flux. With the Center for Energy Studies, I look at the big picture of water quantity in Texas, discovering links between water and the now booming energy production industry.